VoxEL Covid 19 IgG

CONTAINS: SARS CoV-2 virus whole cell antigen

DETECTS: Qualitative detection of IgG Antibody of New Corona Virus

VoxEL HIV-1/2 (3rd Gen.)

CONTAINS : rHIV envelop antigen gp-41, gp-120 & gp-36

DETECTS : Qualitative detection of Ab of HIV-1/2 (group O & C for HIV-1)

VoxEL HIV-1/2 (Ag-Ab) 4th Gen.

CONTAINS : rHIV envelop antigen gp-41, gp-120, gp-36 & P-24 antibody

DETECTS : Qualitative detection of Ab and Ag of HIV-1/2

VoxEL HCV (3rd Gen.)

CONTAINS : Recombinant HCV antigen E1, E2, Core, NS3, NS4 & NS5

DETECTS : Qualitative detection of Ab of HCV

VoxEL HBsAg (3rd Gen.)

CONTAINS : Mouse Monoclonal Anti-HBsAg

DETECTS : Qualitative detection of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen

VoxEL Dengue NS1 ELISA

CONTAINS : Antibodies to Dengue and anti Dengue conjugated to HRP (- ).

DETECTS : Qualitative detection of Ag of Dengue NS1

* All ELISA tests to be stored between 20C to 80C Temperature.
* All ELISA tests are compatible with serum / plasma.
* All ELISA tests having best sensitivities and specificities in its class