Additive CoatedEDTA K2, EDTA K3Clot Activator
Silicon Coated interior
Potassium Oxalate and Sodium Fluoride / Na2 EDTASodium Heparin, Lithium HeparinAcid citrate dextrose
Gel for Serum &
Clot Separation
Sodium Citrate
(3.2% or 3.8%)
3.8% buffered
tri-sodium citrate
(0.129 mol/l)
Plain (without additive)
Different Size13 x 75mm13 x 75mm13 x 100mm13 x 75mm13 x 75mm13 x 100mm13 x 75 mm,
16 x 100 mm
13 x 75 mm13 x 75 mm13 x 75 mm
Specimen for testWhole BloodSerumPlasmaPlasma3 ml, 4 ml, 5 ml
6 ml, 8 ml, 10 ml
Plasma & Whole BloodWhole BloodSerum
Blood Draw Volume2ml, 3ml, 5ml4ml, 5ml, 6ml2ml2ml, 3ml, 4ml, 6ml, 8mlBlood Banking, DNA Testing1.8ml, 2.7ml, 4.5ml1.8ml, 2.7ml, 4.5ml1 ml to 10 ml
Clinical UseHaemoglobin, Complete blood countRoutine Chemistry, Serology, Immunochemistry & TDM TestingGlucose levels, Blood alcohol levels, Lactate, bicarbonatePlasma Determination in chemistryBlood banking,
DNA testing
Coagulation for
Prothrombin time
and other
coagulation tests.
Anticoagulation for
rate test
Immunology test and serum determination

60VT10002VacTube Plain (No additives)13x75mm2 ml
60VT10004VacTube Plain (No additives)13x75mm4 ml
60VT10006VacTube Plain (No additives)13x100mm6 ml
60VT10008VacTube Plain (No additives)16x100mm8 ml
60VT10010VacTube Plain (No additives)16x100mm10 ml
60VT10102VacTube EDTA K213x75mm2 ml
60VT10104VacTube EDTA K213x75mm4 ml
60VT10202VacTube EDTA K313x75mm2 ml
60VT10204VacTube EDTA K313x75mm4 ml
60VT10304VacTube Clot Activator13x75mm4 ml
60VT10306VacTube Clot Activator13x100mm6 ml
60VT10404VacTube Silicone Coated Interior13x75mm4 ml
60VT10406VacTube Silicone Coated Interior13x100mm6 ml
60VT10502VacTube Sodium Fluoride / Potessium Oxalate13x75mm2 ml
60VT10504VacTube Sodium Fluoride / Potessium Oxalate13x75mm4 ml
60VT10602VacTube Sodium Fluoride / K3 EDTA13x75mm2 ml
60VT10604VacTube Sodium Fluoride / K3 EDTA13x75mm4 ml
60VT10702VacTube Sodium Heparin13x75mm2 ml
60VT10704VacTube Sodium Heparin13x75mm4 ml
60VT10706VacTube Sodium Heparin13x100mm6 ml
60VT10708VacTube Sodium Heparin16x100mm8 ml
60VT10802VacTube Lithium Heparin13x75mm2 ml
60VT10804VacTube Lithium Heparin13x75mm4 ml
60VT10806VacTube Lithium Heparin13x100mm6 ml
60VT10808VacTube Lithium Heparin16x100mm8 ml
60VT10902VacTube ACD Gel for Serum & Clot Seperation13x75mm2 ml
60VT10904VacTube ACD Gel for Serum & Clot Seperation13x75mm4 ml
60VT10906VacTube ACD Gel for Serum & Clot Seperation13x100mm6 ml
60VT10908VacTube ACD Gel for Serum & Clot Seperation16x100mm8 ml
60VT10910VacTube ACD Gel for Serum & Clot Seperation16x100mm10 ml
60VT11018VacTube Sodium Citrate 3.2% Anticoagulant13x75mm1.8 ml
60VT11027VacTube Sodium Citrate 3.2% Anticoagulant13x75mm2.7 ml
60VT11045VacTube Sodium Citrate 3.2% Anticoagulant13x75mm4.5 ml
60VT11118VacTube Sodium Citrate 3.8% Anticoagulant13x75mm1.8 ml
60VT11127VacTube Sodium Citrate 3.8% Anticoagulant13x75mm2.7 ml
60VT11145VacTube Sodium Citrate 3.8% Anticoagulant13x75mm4.5 ml
60VT11218VacTube 3.8% Buffered Tri Sodium Citrate (0.129 mol/l)13x75mm1.8 ml
60VT11227VacTube 3.8% Buffered Tri Sodium Citrate (0.129 mol/l)13x75mm2.7 ml
60VT11245VacTube 3.8% Buffered Tri Sodium Citrate (0.129 mol/l)13x75mm4.5 ml
60VT11302Non-Vacuum Tubes (PP Material)13x75mm2 ml
60VT11304Non-Vacuum Tubes (PP Material)13x75mm4 ml
60VT11306Non-Vacuum Tubes (PP Material)13x100mm6 ml
60VT11308Non-Vacuum Tubes (PP Material)16x100mm8 ml
60VT11310Non-Vacuum Tubes (PP Material)16x100mm10 ml