Gone are the days, when the treatment was given by doctors in under-developed countries, on the basis of their own pre-judgements. Awareness of cost effective diagnostic testing tools, before imparting any treatment, created a revolutionary impact in the medical world since last one decade. Medical science has provided revolutionary diagnostic tools and techniques to diagnose the diseases in most affordable way, so that right treatment can be given to a patient at right time.

Business in the new globalized economy is all about reaching out to the emerging markets and getting competitive in the existing markets with better understanding of new variables. This requires an integrated approach for both horizontal and vertical operational synergy across various segments. In this new environment, the demand for multi-faceted development has become crucial for keeping pace with the progression.

India, with its large skilled workforce, growing domestic market, raw material availability and emergence of a mature supply base, offers certain unique strengths and potential, which is being recognized on a global scale. That’s the reason; outsourcing of manufacturing activities in India has become an essential business strategy for the developed countries.Integration with the global economy, while throwing a number of challenges, is providing immense opportunities for Indian companies to map out the entire world.

Voxtur Bio research and development efforts are focused on the discovery of novel innovative testing solutions to counteract several chronic diseases, for a better tomorrow. Quick, easy and affordable testing solutions are the key requirements in today’s diagnostic world and our goal is to maintain the same at all levels. We are ready to take all the challenges, to strive for continual improvements in our manufacturing and marketing capabilities, for offering affordable quality diagnostics solutions to our customers across the globe.

Voxtur Bio is fuelled with young, professional and self-motivated dynamic team. The spirit of team-work and dedication has contributed immensely towards this path-breaking effort. Our success has been a result of the hard work, persistence and commitment of each and every individual associated with us. It is through the untiring efforts of these people that we are growing towards a better tomorrow for all.

We are constantly striving to scale new heights in professional competencies and efficiencies by pushing performance and human potential to new limits. You may experience this facet not only in the decision-making process at our company, but also in a wide range of other activities which create value for our customers and business partners. Using our intellectual and managerial prowess and harnessing the benefits of state-of-the-art technology, we are all set to venture into the next level of laboratory development around the world.

Our adherence to a set of intrinsic core values of integrity, honesty, trust, respect, quality, innovative, affordability and accountability have been the backbone of relationships within our group - between us and our customers and, above all, our business partners. We believe in revamping the conventional and adding value to the new. It has always been our belief that a man is limited only by his thoughts and there are new levels to achieve whatever we desire, as long as this is done within the boundaries of reason and ethics. This means we have to give way to freedom of thought and generation of new ideas, and to be open to experiment. The possibilities in life are many.

Our passion and mission is to enable perfection in quality and innovative approach towards development of products in trend. Our laid down policies for quality assurance are nailing down the specific product range expected by our customers, leading to high value addition.This is what gives us the energy and drive to continue to march ahead on the road. This is how we created and nurtured our company and this is how we shall carry it forward into future.




Khushroo A. Pastakia
CEO & Managing Director