Welcome to Voxtur Bio Ltd.

Voxtur Bio Ltd. is a FDA licensed, GMP, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 accredited company, possessing state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, producing Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic Testing Kits. The name “Voxtur” itself means growth that has been effectively synchronized with innovation, quality and affordability. Emphasis on in-house R & D has led Voxtur Bio in developing the most advanced & sophisticated technologies, for delivering high quality diagnostic testing solutions.

Our Products

  • Voxpress  Quality rapid testing kits


    VoxPress ( Rapid ) cards and strips are exclusively designed to diagnose and identify accurate antibodies or antigens of any given specific diseases right on the spot.
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  • VoxSera Quality Blood Grouping testing kits


    VoxSera Blood Grouping agglutination test kits assists in discovering the exact blood group of patient.
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  • VoxBank Quality confirmatory testing kits


    VoxBank is pool of different testing kits, for qualitative and semi-quantitative in-vitro determination of specific antibodies / antigens present in patient’s serum, through slide flocculation method.
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  • Voxel quality Elisa testing kits


    VoxEL ( Elisa ) are confirmatory test kits that detects early and timely traces of patient’s infection at any stage of disease.
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  • Voxplast quality diagnostic laboratory plastic consumables


    VoxPlast is a designer, developer and manufacturers of precision plastic medical components.
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  • Vactube quality diagnostic Vaccum Tubes for Blood testing


    VacTube carries a wide range of Vaccum and Non-Vaccum Blood Collection Tubes, of all standard sizes, with coated additives and with varities of blood drawing volumes.
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